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We provide access to ad accounts and support your business growth. We're an integrated marketing agency specialized in Games, Beauty, Fashion, DTC, E-Commerce, Apps, Dropshipping - what'd we miss?

No. More. Banned. Accounts.

Run your Ad accounts without problems, prevent and solve Ad blockages

Be where your clients are, be where you can see all the metrics, be where are so many creative ways of expressing your brand. Get access to all TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat ad accounts

support you can count on.

Exclusive access to actual Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat representatives

We are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, therefore we always make direct access to damn good experts directly representing all major social media platforms .

Grow your business

Unlimited Ad Spending

Baltic Promo is the solution to all your social media problems. Looking for profitability? Our team will help to discover the right approach!

- Are you struggling with banned accounts?
- Do you want to forget about your account spending limits?
- Do you want to scale your business fast without any hindrances?
- Are you sick of having no direct connection to a Facebook or TikTok representative?
- Are you serious about your (drop-shipping) business and aim for a long-term growth?
- Is your media spend at least 30,000 per month?
- Do you want to have an access to a strong Business Manager account?
- And, you want to get an expert advise on best practises regarding Ad strategies and Ad creatives?
If you answered all these questions with astounding “YES!”, then we need to talk! We have the solution you need!

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What's our Story?

Baltic Promo is founded by a small group of entrepreneurial friends. We all had problems with banned Ad Accounts, too small Ad spending limits and no direct contact to Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat to get these issues solved quickly.We got tired of that and figured there must be a way out! So, we forged relationships with key players and hacked the system to provide a bulletproof marketing service.Contact us if you’re having the same issues, we can help you out!